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Aluminum alloy and titanium alloy are common used in light alloy. What are the differences between the two?

Titanium is a kind of commonly used metal material which is lighter than steel, iron, copper and other metals, but the corrosion resistance is not less than steel and stronger than aluminum. It is widely used in industry. Titanium based alloys have good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance.

The density of the titanium alloy is generally 60% of the steel. Some of the high strength titanium alloy has much higher density than other alloy which can produce high strength, good rigidity and light weight parts.

In fact, the aluminum alloy is lighter than the titanium. It is widely used in aircraft, automobiles, machinery, such as shell, fuselage and large parts. Aluminum and titanium alloy in hardness, acid and alkali resistance (also on corrosion resistance), strength, color, processability, etc. are different.

Hardness: When using a hard steel sharp object to scratch both titanium and aluminum parts. Titanium part surface has no scratch while aluminum has. It proves that the hardness of titanium alloy is higher than that of aluminum alloy.

Acid & alkali resistance: A drop of acid or alkali on both aluminum alloy and titanium alloy parts surface, you will find Aluminum Alloy will gradually darken, but titanium alloy is the same. This shows that titanium alloy has better acid and alkali resistance than aluminum.

Strength: Using a pliers or a hammer to hit the surface of the same thickness aluminum and titanium alloy, aluminum is relatively easier to deformation.

Color: Aluminum alloy looks a little pale, slightly low gloss, while titanium alloy looks a bit like a high gloss, glossy black color of stainless steel.

Processing: Aluminum alloy is good for machining in coated cutting tools, good milling and cutting performance, and the cutting speed can reach 200 m/min, hard to wear the tool; As to titanium alloy, due to hard strength, the coated tool used in machining is easily worn, so when cutting titanium parts, we need to use hard alloy, but now with the development of the industry, it is not a problem, for example, MIM can form the part by injection without cutting.

Visibly, the application and using industry of titanium and aluminum alloy are similar, but there is a big difference.

In addition, titanium alloy in the humid atmosphere and seawater medium, has much better corrosion resistance than aluminum alloy, even surpass stainless steel, therefore, titanium alloy is especially suitable for submarine, underwater operation equipment.

Titanium material is more expensive than aluminum. Its application is not as wide as Aluminum. It initially used for aviation, submarines and other high-end technology, but with the science and technology development, titanium will play an increasingly important role in more fields.

There are some domestic advanced education and scientific research units can use MIM to make aluminum parts. It is believed that in the near future, we will see more and more MIM aluminum products.


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