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To design tools for MIM is not a easy job. It requires high precision tolerance and many difficult details.


High precision tolerance, no burrs, high standard surface, all of these standers are requirements of making metal molding tools. With no doubt, only few factories can reach them. However, for those who chose this industry, there is big profit. Mr. David Lewis Sr. is the Fairview president in PA of Matrix Tooling Company, which is a professional injection molding and MIM tools manufacturer, supplying molds for wireless electronics, medicine, auto, electrics, and personal protection fields. He said “At beginning, this company produced precision injection plastic parts, but now, they make MIM tools.”


According to his experience, MIM tools fit for small parts production. Matrix company has made great contributions to Medical Industry, which needs parts weight between 0.15g to 23.4g. “Other parts including meter covers, gears, metal cutting tools, clamps, some weight can reach 60g.”, he said, “I know there are even bigger parts like golf driving irons. In a word, injection and metal die casting tools have high requirements on quality and service.”. Mr. Karl Hens, the former technical vice president of MedSource company supplying project design, production development and service, as well as the solutions for supply management for medical device industry, agreed with Mr. Lewis. “When we are searching for a MIM tools manufacture, I firstly focus on its sense of discipline and organization, whether it is a big factory with ISO standard and all processes regulatory.”, he said, “Making MIM tools is a complex matter. If the supplier has no organization ability, that is a disaster. Quality is essential, but for our medical industry, fast coming on the market is more important. We need fast turnover, but to satisfy both quality and fast delivery is really difficult.”. 


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