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  • MIM Molds & The Scope of Application

The metal molds MIM technology used have the same using life as industry plastic injection molds. Because the mold is made of metal, MIM is suitable for mass parts production. Because metal injection machines consistency and repeatability, this technology makes sure high quality of mass production. MIM material is extensive like iron, high speed steel, stainless steel, tool steel, hard metal. In principle, all metals that can be sintered will be used as material to make parts, including those that hard to be machined and high melting point. What is more, MIM technology can mix materials according to customers’ requirements so that to make various kinds of parts. MIM material powder is micron, so that it can be sintered and shrunk fast to increase the mechanical properties, extend the fatigue life. Also, it can improve the resistance to corrosion and magnetic performance. Regarding to the material too hard and complex shapes, easy being polluted, MIM can largely save cost. For instance, to make a typewriter element guide bar, normal technology needs 14 processes, but if use MIM, only need 6 processes and save 50% cost, the smaller parts the more benefit. In conclusion, MIM technology has very big potential for various kinds of fields.

  • MIM’s Usage In Modern Ordnance Industry

Because of MIM’s superiority in technology and economic performance, MIM has extensive applications in the ordnance military industry.

  • MIM Metal Powder Characteristics & Production Methods

MIM technology material powder size is normally 0.5--20micron. Theoretically, the smaller powder is, the easier parts be molded and sintered. In traditional powder metallurgy technology, the material powder is bigger than 40micron. Because MIM small powder high requirement, the material cost is higher, which is one of the reasons that limit the usage of MIM. At present, the methods of producing MIM material powder are carbonylation, super high pressure water atomization, high pressure gas atomization etc..


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