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Due to high intensity, abrasive resistance, decay resistance, and anti-rust advantages, stainless steel is widely used in every livelihood industry like chemical, mechanical, domestic appliance and decoration industry. What is more, along with the stainless steel technology development, it is used in more and more industries and has big market prospect.


Scissors are common livelihood hardware. High hardness scissors are generally made by stainless steel forging. As is known to all, the traditional way to make scissors is forging. It is labor intensive industry which takes time and trouble.  


Nowadays, scissors can be made by MIM technology instead of traditional forging. Especially for high hardness stainless steel scissors, MIM can make them one shot, and have good density, wonderful mechanical performance.


According to different metallographic structure, stainless steel can be divided to austenitic, martensitic stainless steel etc., or can be called magnetic and non magnetic stainless steel. To make high hardness scissors, the common materials are SUS420 and SUS440 martensitic stainless steel, because its hardness is higher than 58HRC, and have good abrasion resistance as well as resistance to corrosion which can satisfy people’s demands for scissors.


To make scissors by MIM, the first step is to make stainless steel feed material, putting SUS440C powder and the water soluble binder into mixing mill and granulating machine to make out the feeding material.


Secondly, pour the feeding material into the injection machine to make out the scissors blanks. Then, two steps to degrease the binder, 1, shrend the PEG components from the blanks. 2, warm the blanks and resolve PMMA.


After degreasing, immediately put them into sintering furnace and increase furnace temperature for sintering. Keeping this process for 40minutes, then, the blanks will cold down to room temperature. Afterwards, heat treatment them. Finally, the complete stainless steel scissors are finished.


Throughout the whole process, the most important step is stainless steel feeding, because the following sintering and products final performance will be influenced by stainless steel powder and binder. So we must think highly of this process when making scissors by MIM technology. 




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