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    Shandong No.2 Machinery factory now covers an workshop area of 10,800 square meters. We are now expanding a new area of 360,000 square meters and would finished at the end of 2016.The registed capital is 10millions RMB, total capital 100millions. We now have six factories including machinery equipments manufacturing, PM factory, MIM workshop, military assembly plant etc. Continuing to persisting in the road of independent innovation, adjusting the product structure, changing management mechanism, we are now a joint-stock company and developed various kinds of high-tech new products.


    In our MIM factory, there are 6 sets of plastic injection moulding machines, 6 sets of vacuum degrease & sintering composite furnaces including imported SHIMADZU integrated vacuum sintering furnaces from Japan, 4 sets of debinding furnaces, 2 sets of sandblasting machines, 4 sets of milling machines, 7 sets of drilling machines,moulds temperature machines,CNC lathes, heat treatment furnaces, magnetic grinding machines.


    Microscope, 3D projector, carbon sulfur analyzers, flaw detectors, density analyzers , Rockwell hardness tester,impact tester,salt spray tester etc.


    We have obtained various quality certificates including GBT/T 19001-2008/ISO 9001:2008, China Arms Assembling Certificate, Grade II Physical and Chemical Detection of Weapon In

    dustry, Grade III National Defence Metrology Organization etc..


    Based on our advantage in technique, we have successfully developed more than 1000 molds and more than 3000 items now. The success rate reaches 95%. You can be assured to send your projects to us.Our MIM process could be used widely from hardware household appliances, toy parts, lock parts, auto part, cusummer electronical parts to aerospace metal parts. It have core technology with complex non-standarded gemoetries, selective material, light weight, precise tolerance, strict hardness, smooth performance. 

    Welcome to visit us and send MIM item drawings to sales@no2machinery.com,sales@harber-mim.com for development.


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